Chris Christie: This is the Day of Reckoning

Great message on government accountability.  Watch the whole thing!

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  • Kudos to the people of New Jersey for electing this man governor. He gets it and more importantly he’s a great salesman for the conservative cause.

    I hope Charlie Baker is paying careful attention to what Governor Christie is trying to accomplish. The day of reckoning is at hand and the date is 11/2/2010.

  • if you like this video, you should like Charlie Baker. This is spot on to why Charlie entered the race. This is spot on about what Charlie says about leaving Massachusetts in a better place for our kids, just like Christie is doing for NJ. This is spot on about Charlie’s desire to have his kids plant their flag in Mass. and not having to get in a plane to visit the grandkids. This is spot on about what Charlie is saying about the need to reform state government. Baker is saying exactly the same things as Christie. So I repeat, if you like and support Chris Christie you should also like and support Charlie Baker. In fact, you should like and support Charlie more because he want to fix our home.