Charlie Baker: I am to the left of Barack Obama on social issues.

I have been going back and forth in my mind all morning on the issue of whether or not to post about this topic.  A few minutes ago I came to the conclusion that Charlie Baker must want this story out there.  If he didn't, he would not have said this in a formal interview with the Boston Globe.  Here it is:…

He describes himself as “to the left of Barack Obama’’ on social issues and is frustrated that more folks don’t appreciate that.

 The way I see it there are only four possible ways to view this statement:

1) It's the Truth:  Charlie Baker is making a statement about Charlie Baker.  I have no reason to doubt him and have not known him to lie.

2) It's a Lie:  Charlie Baker is actually to the right of Barack Obama.  He knows it and made this statement up.

3) Charlie Baker is Ignorant:  Charlie Baker only thinks he's to the left of Barack Obama on social issues, but he's wrong.

4) He was Misquoted:  It's the Boston Globe.  It happens.


I personally believe option #1.  I think Charlie Baker is intelligent, honest and well informed.  I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I believe him, and I don't appreciate it.

Dear Charlie Baker,

Your opponent is not John Silber.


The Management.

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