Boston Globe Poll: Heck of a job Brownie! GOP not so good!

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Scott Brown is doing something right.

US Senator Scott Brown, who only months ago was a little-known figure even within the tiny band of Republicans in the state Senate, not only catapulted to national stature with his upset US Senate victory, but is today the most popular officeholder in Massachusetts, according to a Boston Globe poll.

After less than five months in Washington, Brown outpolls such Democratic stalwarts as President Obama and US Senator John F. Kerry in popularity, the poll indicates. He gets high marks not only from Republicans, but even a plurality of Democrats views him favorably.

The support for Brown, whose victory became a symbol of voter anger, is consistent with widespread sentiment that incumbents in Massachusetts and Washington “need to be replaced with a new crop of leaders.” That statement was supported by 50 percent of those polled, while 28 percent said they trust the incumbents.

Brown’s appeal carries over to Independents and Democrats. He leads longtime incumbent Senator and presidential candidate John Kerry. Only 11 percent view Brown unfavorably.

For some reason Republican candidates are not gaining traction in the one-party state. Go figure.

Yet there’s one surprising consolation for Bay State Democrats who hope to defuse the voter backlash. When asked whether they will vote for a Democrat or Republican in their own congressional district in November, 42 percent of likely voters say they will vote for the Democrat and 27 percent will vote Republican.

Anyone for resurrecting social issues this fall? (Sarcasm) Those are real winners (Sarcasm)

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