Boston Globe: Patrick 38%, Baker 31%, Cahill 9%, Stein 2%…

I have included an apples-to-apples table comparing this poll to the previous ones conducted by The Boston Globe.  Since January, Charlie Baker is up 12%, Deval Patrick is up 8% and Tim Cahill is down 14%.  Jill Stein, currently at 2%, was not included in the January poll.

Boston Globe/UNH

Date Deval Patrick Charlie Baker Tim Cahill
6/23/10 38% 31% 9%
1/6/10 30% 19% 23%
7/21/09 30% 20% 30%

  • Deval Patrick's job approval remains low at 46% approve, 49% disaprove.  However, his numbers in this area are up from January.  This rising trend is confirmed in the recent Rasmussen and Suffolk polls.  However, the trend has been mainly among Democrats.  Among Independents he remains at a low 29% approve 63% disaprove.
  • Tim Cahill's popularity has crashed.  A year ago he was at 42%-17% favorability.  He currently stands at 21%-30% favorability.  He currently polls more favorably among Republicans than either Independents or Democrats.
  • 45% of respondents still do not know enough about Charlie Baker to form an opinion.
  • State Legislature: 30% approve, 54% disaprove.
  • To Balance Budget:  52% Cut Services, 23% Raise Taxes.
  • No Benefits for illegals: 68% – 24%

I have embedded the entire scribd pdf for the poll below the fold!


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