A message from Rudy Giuliani and Joe Malone

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently came to Quincy to endorse Joe Malone for United State Congress from the 10th Massachusetts District.  A breakfast reception was held at the Granite Links Golf Club, where more than 200 people came to support Joe and see Rudy.  Here is a short video from that special event.  For more information, please visit www.JoeMaloneCongress.com

About Joe Malone

  • Joe Malone brings in Rudy Giuliani from NYC and gets 200 people.

    Jeff Perry brings in Jeff Perry and gets 600 people at his kickoff.

    No offense Joe, but you’re standing in the way.  Jeff Perry has represented the voters in this district for 4 terms.  He began by defeating an incumbent Democrat in 2002.  Since then, and during Democratic landslide years, Jeff Perry’s victory margins have grown!

    Joe Malone hasn’t won an election since the Republican landslide of 1994, a full 16 years ago.  You’re a nice guy, but the voters in the 10th congressional district clearly prefer one of their own over a retread politician from Waltham.


  • The then 14 and 16 year old girls are old enough to vote now, so there are two vote for Malone on the cape.  Anyone who is satisfied with his response is just blind.  I agree with virtually every position Perry has, and like the way he votes, but this guy is bad news.  He spouts a straight conservative line so I understand where his support comes from, but open your eyes to this guys background. And why is it a bad thing that Malone hasn’t run for office in over 15 years?  

  • After reading about Jeff Perry’s past and how he continues to lie and try to cover it up it shocks me that any Republican would back him.  What else is going to have to come out on this guy for people to kick him to the curb.  He has always been a snake and is seriously jeopardizing the Republican’s chance of winning this seat.  

    Time to put all our support behind the “good guy” Joe Malone, someone who has proven they can get something accomplished while in office.  

  • I lol’ed at Mike’s promotion edit.

    I’m a Perry supporter, but comparing this event and Perry’s isn’t apples to apples.

    This event was a fundraiser that was $250 for a VIP reception with Perry/Celucci and I believe $100 for the breakfast. I assume you’re comparing the 600 people to Perry’s kickoff…which was free

  • With the price of office space right now, is anyone really impressed that Perry is opening a closet in every south shore town?  No one over the bridge has ever even heard of him, and the ones who have still want to hear an explanation.  Let’s get to the point; Malone is every bit as conservative as Perry except on abortion.  He is against partial birth, against public funding, for spousal notification, and for parental consent, and for adoption counceling, which by the way is where 95% of the public is including Scott Brown. Malone is the guy that can win and give us a Republican in the 10th; you Perry people need to look at the big picture, Perry will never win a general election, even without his growing personal issues.

  • Malone endorsed Rudy in October of ’07 – and it was quite difficult for Republicans in Massachusetts to not endorse Romney.  Rudy is returning the favor.

    Malone isn’t even close to being the more viable candidate.