360 more manufacturing jobs lost under Deval Patrick

(I’m calling out Simply Festus here.  Because he opines that I’m a one trick pony and don’t understand facts.  Well you said that Mitt Romney didn’t have one job created during his administration.  The fact is he didn’t have just one. He had job growth in Total Non Farm Payroll three of the four years he was governor, and grew jobs by 46,200 over his four year governorship. (Source: Mass.gov)

You can argue ideas all you want Festus, but you don’t get your own facts. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Today Solo Cups announced that 360 people will be out of work in 2011 as it closes it’s second Massachusetts manufacturing location in 4 years.  Wicked Local Andover has the story.

Solo Cup’s North Andover plant on Holt Road will close in September 2011, cutting 360 jobs, the company announced on Tuesday afternoon, June 8.

The North Andover plant is one of three plants that will be closed nationwide – the other two are in Owings Mills, Md. and Springfield, Mo. In all, the company will cut 1,240 jobs nationwide by mid-2012.

Of course our progressive friends will say that this is because the company had efficiencies at other plants, not because of Massachusetts over-regulation and business climate.

The move is being made after the company said it spent $150 million during the past two years to upgrade the efficiency of other facilities.

“As result, we are now able to be more productive within a smaller manufacturing footprint,” Chief Operating Officer George Chappelle said in the prepared statement.

You have to ask yourself, why was North Andover not one of the plants chosen for improvement.  But you wouldn’t have to look far.  Deval Patrick’s general anti-business attitude in general and his cherry picking of “good industry” to support in particular is a large factor in this decision.

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  • I think this is fundamentally a “free” trade issue.  There’s no way to compete with $2-a-day labor for most manufacturing.  

  • Anyone know what other states have plants?

  • You only know a couple of conservative talking points, so every-time a businesses closes in MA, you check you short list of talking points and blame it on “over regulation”.

    First it should be noted that Massachusetts added 17,000 in the last reported month (April) in one of the strongest job creating months in over a decade.  Which reminds me, under Gov. Romney and Swift, Republican Governors created ZERO jobs in this state.  

    Of course all you can do is cry “over regulation” but cite no facts to back it up…only unsupported conjecture, which is always your MO.

    You fail to mention the company leases the land in MA, whereas they own factories elsewhere and I’m sure that was a factor.  

    Why is MA so “bad” for business…because we have a “Cadillac” economy based on brain power–health care, bio-tech, high tech, all driven by our universities and our teaching hospitals.  Workers in these fields are paid alot of money and they in turn drive house and other costs up, requiring businesses to pay support works higher wages to live in the area.  Land is scare–especially east of Framingham–compounding the cost of doing business.  

    So what is so surprising that a company that makes cups thinks it can make them cheaper elsewhere?  Sorry that doesn’t fit into your nice neat way things work, but it is reality.    

  • That UMass Amherst would keep keg cups afloat for decades longer…..