What if Jeff Perry were a Democrat?

Around here I often expect any mention of Jeff Perry’s name to begin with the salutation “Saint”.   Contrast that with the treatment of Democrats on this site, where every debatable transgression is met with venomous attacks.    

Given this, it will be interesting to gauge the reaction about the fact that Jeff Perry was involved in two episodes that involved sexual assaults on minors by a police officer and Perry’s resignation from the police force shorty after the incidents were revealed.

Yes, a review of the story does not directly implicate Perry in any wrong doing, but it does raise a lot a questions, particularly in light of the fact that he wants to serve in the United States Congress.

Yet I think all we’ll read on this site will be praise for Jeff Perry, condemnation of the usual suspects–the Boston Globe, liberals, the other police officer and no doubt the victims who will be charged with wanting to cash in.  Hey, it’s a free country and you can say what you want.

But I just have one point to make…if his name wasn’t Jeff Perry and it was Tom O’Connor for example (husband of Martha Coakley and former Police Officer, who has never been implicated in anything remotely wrong and I’m using his name as an example only), it would be a completely different story around here.

If the cop was a Democrat named O’Connor and not a Republican named Perry, people here would quickly conclude that he knew (or as a supervisor at the scene of the first sexual assault) should have known that one of his cops was a predator.  As evidence to that, people would cite the fact that Perry accompanied the sexual predator to one of the victims homes and tried to intimidated the parents by indicating their daughter could have gone to jail if a small amount of pot was found on her (a laughable concept) and then made an off-handed remark that their daughter voluntarily pulled her pants down for a police officer.  And if a Democrat named O’Connor then resigned from the police force just six months after the incident–claiming  he wanted start a business–many RedMassGroup posters would conclude (reasonably conclude in my opinion) that Perry high-tailed it out of the police department before internal disciplinary actions were taken.  And if O’Connor produced a letter from the Police Chief stating specifically that he “not under investigation or subject to disciplinary actions when he resigned” would be dismissed as a “cover up” and, in fact, amounted to being told, “quit now before we start an investigation, because this does not look good”.  If this happened to a Democrat named O’Connor, conservative would contend that this was yet another example of the “Blue Shield of Silence” that allowed a police officer to be a sexual predator and was part of the extended coverup.

But Jeff Perry is not a Democrat, so this story will not only be dismissed around here, but condemned as an attempt by the liberal media to torpedo the career of a red-blooded American.  

You can dismiss my point by pointing out that over at BlueMassGroup similar/opposite behavior would occur.  The “two wrongs make a right” defense.  But it would not be me over there defending the character of someone entangled in this situation.  I’ve been plenty critical of Democrats both here and over at BMG.  While I would not pass final judgement on the person–there are a number of unproven facts and things open to interpretation–it would give me legitimate pause and wonder about the character of the person.  

Not so much that they unwittingly got entangled with a bad person and it cast a bad shadow on them (that can happen to anyone), but the fact that they didn’t have the character to admit they, after almost 20 years of retrospection, did not properly supervise someone (at the scene of an arrest) or that they did not, as a supervisor, question why a teenager who had done nothing wrong, would voluntarily pull her pants down for a police officer and just took the word of his fellow officer.  Or express regret in telling the parents of a victim that their child could have gone to jail if she had a small amount of pot, when practically speaking that was not true, that then causally tells the victim’s parents about the sexual assualt.  Instead, Perry said “he would not have done anything differently, even now, knowing that an officer under his command committed crimes against teenage girls”.  That disturbs me…greatly and it certainly would give me great pause (to say the least) before I wanted someone of that type of judgement and character serving in Congress.  

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