Update from the PA 12th.

Public Policy Polling has released what will probably be the last poll on the Special Election in the Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District.

According to the poll which surveyed 831 likely voters on May 15th and 16th had Republican Tim Burns leading Mark Critz-D 48% to 47% with 6% undecided.

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Some of the follow up questions were revealing. The "excitement gap"  is clearly in Burns' favor with 60% of his supporters saying they are  excited about voting for him on Tuesday as opposed to only 38% of Critz  voters.

Perhaps somewhat troubling is the question regarding party  affiliation:




This under-represents the two to one registration advantage held  by the Democrats. This may or may not also be reflected in the question  about who respondents said they had voted for in 2008. The poll shows  McCain with a 5% edge but he only won the district by 1%.

Either  way it is extremely close. I urge everyone who can to use the virtual  phone bank at http://TimBurnsforCongress.com  

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