Tsongas to NYT: Not sure if President would help my re-election

The New York Times had a stunner of an article in yesterday’s paper.  It lays the case, confirmed by Suffolk University Pollster David Paleologos, that Niki Tsongas is in real trouble.  

The most stunning part of the article is where Niki Tsongas states that she doesn’t know if Barack Obama would help her in the 5th District or hurt her.

If the suddenly crowded field is not enough by itself to suggest that Ms. Tsongas may be vulnerable, consider this: she demurred recently in an interview when asked if she wanted President Obama to campaign for her.

“I have great respect for our president,” she said.

But would he help or hurt her campaign?

“I can’t say one way or the other,” she said. “We will cross that bridge when the time comes.”

When a Democratic incumbent equivocates over a visit by a sitting Democratic president who won the state lopsidedly, it cannot be a good sign.

It looks like the Tenth isn’t the only district in which the Democrats have a problem this year.  Republicans Jon Golnik and Sam Meas are running for this seat.

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