Tough Decisions

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Today the Boston Globe editorial board wrote about the failure of Governor Patrick and the Beacon Hill insiders to make the tough decisions necessary to reform state government. The next Governor is going to face a $2.5 billion operating shortfall because of their poor leadership. Instead of making the necessary reforms to our pension system, consolidating redundant agencies and enacting a hiring and salary freeze, Patrick chose to rely on one-time stimulus dollars and a once robust rainy day fund to pay for his aggressive expansion of state government.

As I said in yesterday’s Boston Globe, “At a time of enormous economic and fiscal challenges, we’ve never had a hiring freeze in place, we’ve never had a wage freeze in place, and we’re really talking about the state payroll on the margins. The state is spending a lot of one-time [federal and reserve account] funds and not restructuring and using the time the one-time money bought us to restructure.”

On Patrick’s first day in office, the prolific spending started. Patrick reversed $400 million of emergency 9c cuts and put state government on a path to grow by 20% in his first two years alone. And where was our state’s self-proclaimed CFO, Treasurer Tim Cahill?  Nowhere to be seen. Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill still refuse to stand up to entrenched Democratic special interests and aggressively reform the pension system, control health care costs, give cities and towns plan design authority, and a host of other solutions that I will push if elected in November.

Currently, the state is “treading water” but we won’t be able to do so indefinitely. We need a major change in leadership in state government; only Richard and I are willing to make the tough choices and have the record of reform to put Massachusetts back on secure financial footing. It will be hard work, but I’m confident we can make Massachusetts work for us again.

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