Special Election in the Pennsylvania 12th…sort of

On Tuesday, May 18th there is a special election to fill the seat formerly held by Jack Murtha pitting businessman and political newcomer Tim Burns

against long time Murtha aide (Can't you just feel the “change”.) Mark Critz. Burns was chosen to run in the special election in a vote by the 9 County GOP chairs in the district.

Burns is also running in the GOP primary being held on the same day, against Lt. Col. William Russell. The primary had been scheduled before Murtha's death.

So the folks in the PA-12 can actually vote twice for Tim Burns on Tuesday (And this isn't even Chicago.) Burns is favored to win the GOP primary and is leading in the polls against Critz. Either way, they do it all over again in November. 

Confused? Those of us from Massachusetts should be the last to throw stones given what we went through in selecting/electing a replacement for Ted Kennedy.

I am here with John LaRosa (of #41stVote fame) as part of the NRCC's 72 hour volunteer deployment. We decided to get here a day early as Senator Scott Brown will be here campaigning for Tim Burns later today at a rally at the court house steps in Washington, PA. (I'll hopefully have pics up in the afternoon.)

Check back for updates.

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