Scott Brown and “Audit the Fed.”

This weekend the Federal Reserve bailout Europe by printing more money and devaluing our wealth.  It’s time to Audit the Fed!  Every Republican in Congress has signed on as a co-sponsor of Ron Paul’s legislation to do exactly that.  According to a Rasmussen Reports Americans support this bill by a 79% to 7% margin.  This makes it one of the most popular pieces of legislation in the United States.  Here in Massachusetts, even Democrats McGovern, Tierney, and Delahunt are also listed among the 317 co-sponsors in the House.

Senator Sanders(I-VT) was originally going to sponsor a similar amendment in the Senate.  Scott Brown has said he would vote for the Sanders amendment.  However, at the last minute Sanders watered down “Audit the Fed” leaving Senator Vitter (R-LA) to file the real legislation.  Please encourage Scott Brown to vote for this full version as well.


Please call Scott Brown’s DC office (202) 224-4543 , and ask that Scott support the Vitter Amendment!  Call NOW – will take three minutes!

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