Sandi’s responses to her challenger’s Press Releases

Sandi’s Response to her challenger’s recent press-release II

Mr. Dahlberg:

In all due respect, what you ask was answered in my reply on  05/17/10.   Let’s pause and put in perspective that Sandi has not as yet made a public announcement that over 1,100 signatures were submitted for her and that we have yet to announce that Sandi is on the ballot.  So the campaign rollout has yet to begin.

Mr. Dahlberg, the Martinez campaign model was not built around your campaign model.  Sandi will be launching her campaign to victory as planned by showing leadership across party lines and building consensus on solutions for the crushing problems facing the cities and towns in the 3rd Middlesex District.  

Campaigns, in our opinion, are about ideas/solutions for the people and as I said I will contact your Campaign Manager after Sandi has brought directly to the people of the 3rd Middlesex District, her plan for Families, Freedom, Future.  Mr. Dahlberg the Martinez Campaigns’ position, that intellectually honest discussion happens after ideas/solutions are on the table (presented to the voters),  is not unique to the Martinez campaign but you have made it clear, you feel differently.

Please provide me the contact information for your Campaign Manager.

Thank you.

Sandi’s Response to her challenger’s recent press-release

Dear Mr. Dahlberg:

I have received a copy of your public request of Ms. Sandi Martinez for “not less than (SIC) nine public debates”.

The plan of the Martinez campaign, the Martinez Advisory Board, and the Martinez Peoples Brigade of Citizen Patriots, is to bring ‘directly to the people’ their fight for your Family, Freedom, and Future.  With all due respect, the plan involves many people, places, and times that can not be changed at this juncture to fit your campaign model.

I can assure you Mr. Dahlberg, that Senate Candidate Martinez’s full schedule will be evident in the days, weeks, and months ahead, as she brings her commonsense solutions for the hard issues facing the people of the 3rd Middlesex District ‘directly to the people’.

Importantly, candidate Martinez is committed to building consensus across party lines for her commonsense solutions.  It is time, in Sandi’s opinion, to push the ‘Stop’ button on “Politics as usual.”

The Martinez Campaign looks forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail. We will be in contact with you after Sandi, a ‘Voice of the People’, holds her campaign series of Town Halls for the people of the district, on solutions to bring the district and beyond from despair to prominence.  

I can share with you that Sandi Martinez has directed her staff and supporters that their activities are to be transparent, and that the discussion is to be about solutions!  I hope that we can agree that these are serious times and that the 3rd Middlesex District is not served well by rumor mongers or hate speak.  I will also assure you Mr. Dahlberg, that the Martinez campaign will show you the respect of following the acknowledged campaign precedent of debate negotiations being held between campaign staff, who will then give a press announcement.

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