Rasmussen: Patrick 45% Baker 31% Cahill 14%

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Rasmussen Reports

In the wake of over $1,000,000 in negative ads from the Republican Governor’s Association Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill has crashed in the Rasmussen poll released today.  In the same poll released on April 7th showed Patrick 35%, Baker 27%, Cahill 23%.  The net swing over the past 5 weeks has been Patrick +10%, Baker +4% and Cahill -9%.  Tim Cahill has also dropped into 3rd place among unenrolled voters showing Baker 36%, Patrick 28%, Cahill 21%.

Negative ads work.


Rasmussen has also shown a major rise in Deval Patrick’s job approval.  He now has 46% job approval (with 12% very strong) and 53% disapproval (with 33% strongly disprove).

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