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Says he would repeal health care mandates, work to limit health care costs if elected

Repeal of the recent health care law signed by President Obama, meaningful tort reform and a plan to allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines will be on Jeff Perry’s reform agenda if he is elected to Congress this fall.

Perry, a Sandwich resident and Republican candidate for the 10th Congressional District, said his focus is on making health care more affordable, efficient and fair for both the citizens who receive it and the government that delivers it.

“The national health care mandate law amounts to a dangerous step toward socialism instead of the real reform that is needed in our health care system,” said Perry. “If elected to Congress, one of my top priorities will be to remove this unconstitutional and improper law from our books.”

Perry has been an outspoken critic of the national health care bill because he believes it will raise taxes, increase government spending and lower the quality of care Americans receive, especially for senior citizens.

He contends the federal government overstepped its bounds by mandating that all private citizens buy health insurance coverage, and he says the law is therefore unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment.

Attorneys general in more than a dozen states across the country are currently assessing challenges to the constitutionality of the federal health care bill, and Perry has already asked Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley to consider taking similar action.

Perry was one of only two members of the Legislature to vote against similar legislation in Massachusetts several years ago.

“I was concerned about the cost and appropriateness of that law then, and I’m not afraid to stand up now for those same principles in Washington on behalf of the people of the 10th Congressional District,” Perry said. “At the same time, I will also work with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to substitute meaningful health care reforms in its place.”

Perry’s health reform agenda also includes:

Advocating for legislation allowing residents to purchase health insurance across state lines. Studies have shown that this one reform alone could save Massachusetts residents significant costs on health insurance. He also supports legislation to reduce administrative burdens on health care providers as a way to limit health care costs.

Reforming America’s tort law system. The current law is frequently identified as a major factor driving the high price of health insurance nationwide. Perry supports reforming the rules regarding joint and several liability, which can apportion damages to defendants out of scale to their respective liability, as well as reform of prejudgment interest, punitive damage and medical liability rules. Perry also favors the expanded use of alternative dispute resolution, and the development of a “Legal Consumers Bill of Rights” to guide people through the selection of legal counsel.

“Americans have a right to an efficient and responsive legal system that addresses their needs in cases of medical malpractice,” said Perry. “But current rules often serve to muddy the water and impose unfair punishment on people in medical tort cases, which ends up increasing the cost of health care for everyone. We need to reform the system to make sure that the needs of doctors and patients alike are fully addressed.”

Ban illegal immigrants from receiving federal benefits. Recently, Perry proposed legislation in the Massachusetts Legislature to prevent illegal aliens from receiving public benefits, including health insurance coverage for non-emergency health care. The House voted narrowly against including the legislation in the state budget, despite evidence that it could save Massachusetts millions of dollars every year.

Additional information about Perry’s health care initiatives can be found on his Web site,

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  • Once again Rep Perry has been out in front of what has become a national issue. He warned members of the legislature back in 2006 that a state run health care system was unrealistic and unsustainable. He was proven correct on both counts as only about 4 percent of the popluation has been added to the insurance rolls at a cost which is four to five times what was estimated.

    Rep. Perry understands that the free market must be given the opportunity to improve the sytem. If one takes an honest look at the main issue of out-of-control cost, it is not to difficult to realize that much of this it due to onerous regulation. We need to break up the turf wars and allow supply and demand forces to clean up the market. Hopefully Jeff Perry will be in DC as the next Congressman in the 10th District to help get our health care system back on track.

  • The Obamacare bill increases the number of people enrolled in Medicaid by 30 million and does nothing to fix the broken Medicaid reimbursement system that has been driving doctors to stop taking Medicaid users. This will lead to increased costs, reduced efficiency, and higher national deficits down the road for our children and grand children to deal with. We need more representatives in Washington like Jeff Perry who will take a common sense approach to reforming health care so that costs actually will be reduced without the liberty constraining government mandates that take away our freedom and make us more dependent on government. Great work Jeff!  

  • actually lived and conducted business and UNDERSTAND the ‘ins and outs’ of daily living in America.  Most of those currently in office are so far removed from the general population they have NO IDEA what is best for our country!

    Let’s hope COMMON SENSE prevails and the electorate wises up and sends NEW members to Congress in November. There can be no more sitting idly by as ‘Rome is burning’ – America is TOOOOOOO precious and unique to lose our way of life.  We are NOT Europe, we do not have royalty.  We are NOT South America or any other population where dictators are the general rule.  We are a REPUBLIC – and it is time that Congress started representing WE THE PEOPLE!

    We MUST do all in our power to see that Americans will have a new Congress – one where COMMON SENSE will prevail, NOT politics conducted in backroom deals!!!!

    Jeff Perry, as the new congressman for the MA 10th Congressional District, WILL work for his constituents and for what is BEST for America!!!!  Yes We Can!

  • Jrff Perry is a former businessowner and knows the climate of thr business community.  They are being pulled by consumers and employees and squeezed by the local, state and federal governments.  Tort reform is key to the process, as well as weeding out those (adults) who should not be entitled to these services because of their status in this country.   Go Jeff Go!