Newcomers bested incumbents in this week’s balloting results

Revolution 2010 has begun.

The Salem News

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What does Swampscott vote mean?

Newcomers bested incumbents in this week’s balloting results

By Alan Burke

SWAMPSCOTT – Elected officials, if they’re wise, never take re-election for granted. This time, there might be good reason for it.

Local politicians are downplaying the recent Swampscott election, but not dismissing the possibility that it might be a straw in the wind, another whiff of Scott Brown fever.

With two selectmen seats up for grabs on Tuesday, incumbent Eric Walker and former Selectman Reid Cassidy would have seemed good bets. Not only did they lose, but so did Susan Raiche, a former Saugus selectman who hoped to transfer her experience to her new home in Swampscott.

Still more worrisome for sitting pols, Planning Board candidate Sylvia Belkin, a well-known figure, bested insurgent Dana Swanstrom but only just, 751 votes to 692. Overall, the results raise the possibility that 2010 is a bad year to be an incumbent, that voters might be in a mood to punish anyone holding office….…

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