My Obligatory Gulf Oil Spill Rant …

I cant help myself. Like many of you, I have been anxiously watching the ongoing “top kill” procedure this week in the Gulf and what I am watching is beginning to get under my skin.

First off, isnt it refreshing to see that it only took the nations brightest minds a little over six weeks to figure out that its kind of futile to be cleaning up an oil spill that is being added to by something like a million gallons a day.

Close off the flipping pipe first you idiots ….

Phew! They seem to have figured that part out now.

So what do we see. The “top kill” starts Wednesday and goes off just as planned. By Thursday morning we are told that the leak pressure is way down and that the stuff we see blowing out of the pipe now is mostly the mud that they have shot in ..

Then we find out that they ran out of mud and have to wait 16 hours to get another load out there to the leak site.

Umm … fellas … given the scope of the disaster, wouldnt it have been a good idea to have a little extra mud hanging around in case it might come in handy? So for 16 hours we watch the mud they spent all day Wednesday pumping in get blown back out.

Geez .. why not have the new load sent in using super saver shipping, always good to keep a handle on expenses …

And where is the vaunted government oversight during this debacle? Does anyone have a clue that they might actualy be expected to contribute something to the effort other than hot air?

A new day, a new load of mud. Wonder if they will be able to order more on a holiday weekend or if they run out again will they have to wait until Tuesday to call the guys at MudWorld?

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