Massachusetts Republican Assembly Did not attack Baker and Barbour

Jordan Gehrke, the political director of the Tim Cahill for Governor Campaign just tweeted the following two tweets:

#    Whoa, another one! Washington Post: “Massachusetts conservatives versus the RGA” #mapoli #magov     26 minutes ago  via TweetDeck

# American Spectator: “MA Republicans to RGA: Get out.” #mapoli #magov 28 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Both articles state that the Massachusetts Republican Assembly blasted Charlie Baker and Haley Barbour for supporting him.  There’s one problem.  They did no such thing.  Alan Gillis a former Chair of the organization is the one that released a press release saying negative things about both Baker and Barbour.   In coversations with three members of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly board I was told that no vote was taken and no press release was authorized.

Sandi Martinez the current President of the organization told Red Mass Group that, “Alan Gillis was not authorized to issue a press release on behalf of the organization, nor is he a current board member.   The Assembly has not made the statements that he ascribes to us.”

The press release that started the whole story can be found here.  A screen grab of how the release looked at 7:12 PM on May 7 can be found below.

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