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  • Good Job Jeff!  Jim can get a little tough at times, but its easy to defend yourself when you believe in what you are saying and are telling the truth.  I think Deval has too much “water on the brain” these days to read a two page ammendment and find out what it really says.  His staffers (if they cared) should have read it as well.  No one gets “thrown out into the cold.”  No child is kicked out of school.  It is a good idea and the time is right for residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to take back the Governor’s Office and win some seats in the legislature….both here and in D.C.

  •      I have listened to a number of Jeff Perry interviews from the cape to Boston and he is consistent in his position on the issues plaguing both the state and republic. The illegal immigration issue has since 1965 become such a pervasive drain on our economy it cannot be ignored or tolerated any longer. I think people have grown tired of being labeled racist, bigot, xenophobe blah,blah,blah … just because we want the laws enforced. Americans are sick and tired of attempting to confront he problem of documented fraud and criminal behavior engaged in by illegal aliens only to be faced with the human shields of illegal alien women and children. The democrat party is scared of candidates like Jeff Perry succeeding because they risk losing a voting segment and flow of taxpayer cash which has been manipulated to feed the myriad “non-profit” industrial complex.

  • What these guys forget is that everything Rep Perry says is from common sense and his heart.  This is why he has so much support and is getting the attention of more voters every day.

    These are the things that matter to us, and its high time we elected someone who cares about what we care about.  

    Jeff Perry is one of US, not some silver spoon guy who is going to owe a bunch of favors upon his election.

  • Well said, Jeff.  You are right on here.  

    It’s unfortunate the Speaker has his underlings by the balls when it comes to common sense issues like these.  

    But hey, why make these hacks take a “difficult” up or down vote?  

    Surely we can send the issue of cracking down on illegal aliens and convicted criminals to study.

    The part that shocked the most was that NO ONE (no state agency, think tank, etc) has been keeping tabs on just how much money is being wasted on these programs.  Wow.

  • I hope Charlie Baker, pursues this in his campaign for the corner office.  He knows Jeff would not put forth an amendment unless he had done all the research necessary.

    To bluntly cast this amendment aside – which is what being sent to a ‘study committee’ does – as the house leadership has done is totally IRRESPONSIBLE!  AMERICANS deserve better!

    Thank you, Representative Perry, for speaking for US, your constituents!