Gov. Patrick is coming to grab your guns & blot out the Second Amendment

Gov. Deval Patrick continues to try to grab our guns by passing insanely restrictive legislation that blatantly violates our Second Amendment right to keep & bear arms.

Even members of his own party, in this case State Senator Steven Baddour, realizes how horrible Patrick’s snatch & grab will be as it attacks not the criminal carrying illegal firearms but law abiding citizens!

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary, of which Baddour is vice-chair, opted not to act upon Patrick’s bogus bill this past Friday.  As such any action is now delayed until June.  However, the bill isn’t dead so let’s kill the bill now before it Patrick can kill our rights!  

Gov. Deval Patrick’s bill, “An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence,” is a controversial overhaul of the state’s gun laws that would limit firearm purchases to one per month and ban anyone who is not a cop or the licensed owner from holding a machine gun.

“I think the bill goes too far,” said Judiciary Committee Vice-Chairman State Sen. Steven Baddour (D-Methuen). “We all want to reduce or eliminate gun violence. It doesn’t do that. It focuses on law-abiding citizens. What we need to be doing is focusing on those who carry guns illegally, then increase the penalties on the punishment side so when people commit a crime with a firearm, they know the penalties will be severe.”

James Wallace, exective director of the Gun Owners Action League, opposes Patrick’s bill. In Westfield, he noted the Pelham police chief was in charge of the booth where the boy was slain. That chief stepped down and is facing manslaughter charges.

“Goodness knows folks in public safety have a tough job, but the only time we had a tragedy is when public safety was in charge of the shoot,” he said. “Now you want to restrict us in what we do? What sense does that make?”…

Take my own gun club, we have an annual field day and Patrick’s law would gut much of our events, held annually for years with a great safety record.

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