Former Arch Rivals Paul Ferro and Richard Tisei Enjoy Lunch Meeting

(“Arch Rivals” may be a bit of an overstatement.  I’m a simple City Councilor, and Sen. Tisei is running for Lt. Governor.  I did endorse Charlie Baker many months ago, and while I have ideological reservations, there is no primary. So the conversation, for me, is over.  Democratic Machine Hack and pseudo-con Tim Cahill is a walking, talking, breathing example of the corrupt Democratic politics that have brought our Commonwealth to ruin, and which I have fought my entire adult life against.  Richard Tisei isn’t perfect, but he is a good man.  I’m not going to let a non-existent “perfect” candidate for LG  be the enemy of the good.  

I’m voting for Charlie Baker to be out next Governor.  I hope you will too. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

“I’ll buy you a beer sometime,” were the words said to Paul Ferro by a man he has openly opposed, Richard Tisei, at Karyn Polito’s convention party a few weeks ago. Senator Tisei and many people in the Baker campaign read Red Mass Group, and have seen Ferro’s open opposition behind some of Sen. Tisei’s votes, and the Senator reached out to Paul to discuss policies and politics.

However, the joke was on Sen. Tisei, since Paul’s drink of choice is ice tea or ginger ale. However, despite the difference in drink choices and policy issues, Ferro met with some of his colleagues and Sen. Tisei today to discuss the city, and what the “friendly” Councilors can do for the gubernatorial ticket.

More Below the Fold

The group discussed politics on Beacon Hill and in Marlborough, and Ferro listed off events in the area that the ticket may want to attend to get their message out.

What does this go to show you? I will let Ferro answer this for himself, but I think he may realize that the best candidates to get Patrick out of office is Baker/Tisei. I hope other activists will realize this too, or it’ll be another four years or Deval Patrick, with Tim Cahill probably somewhere on his payroll.

The Republican Party needs a united front if we want to keep Deval Patrick out of office in November. Right now, Patrick could win the election with ~40%. I was at an event with Scott Brown a few months back and he was talking about Richard Ross. He said something like “the choice is clear…it’s a candidate you agree with 70-80% of the time, or not at all.”

In this election, it’s Deval Patrick vs. Charlie Baker. Cahill is a spoiler (democratic hack who is running as an independent because he would lose in a primary, so his only shot at winning is as a 3rd party candidate) with no shot. So any vote for anyone other than Baker, is a vote for Deval Patrick.

I’ve met Sen. Tisei a handful of times. He’s a nice man. He has openly stated he knows his role at LG will be to help build the party and set us up for success for years to come. Can Cahill/Loscocco do that for the Republican Party? No. So, if you’re concerned about the future of the party and use that as an excuse to not vote for Baker/Tisei, it’s bass ackwards thinking.

If Paul Ferro can share laughs and strategy choices with Sen. Tisei, then you too can help out the campaign. If Christy Mihos can endorse Baker/Tisei minutes after losing the convention, you can support them too.

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