Deval Patrick promises no attack ads from him or his campaign.

(V3PN he has already broken the promise before the article.  The Massachusetts Democratic Party was the first to go negative.  Remember they tried to lay the entire Big Dig on Baker’s shoulders?  Given that the Massachusetts Democratic Party is headed by Deval’s former campaign manager I think it’s twisted logic to say that Team Deval didn’t have anything to do with this.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) quoted Governor Deval Patrick in an article this morning.  The article was telling of the RGA attack ads against Timmy Cahill.  On the sidelines was Deval Patrick, and he states:

“I want to be clear: you haven’t heard any negative ads from me and from my campaign, and you won’t,” he told reporters. “I don’t believe in that kind of campaigning. I believe it’s a turnoff for voters. I think what we have to do is show people what we are for, and not just what we are against.”

Clearly the Boston Globe is painting Deval Patrick as the good, clean politician.  

Patrick has generally avoided the Baker-Cahill scrum, but yesterday criticized the association’s “consistently negative approach” and vowed to run a positive campaign.

I only post this because I want to see how long this promise lasts.  Deval Patrick hasn’t kept a single promise from his last campaign (i.e. lower property taxes, 1,000 new cops, a new kind of government, more business, hope, change, etc,etc,etc) so what makes me think he will keep this one.

I think as soon as his failed Governorship starts getting attacked – we will see old Deval start throwing the mud around.  

Any guesstimates on when Deval Patrick will break this promise?  

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