Deval Patrick is using commonwealth resources to campaign. Is this the change we needed?

Deval Patrick campaigned in 2006 as a “Different kind of politician”.  One that would be more ethical than the rest.  Now in 2010 he is using government resources to campaign. What else would you call this?  

I’d call it a blatant use of government resources to campaign for Governor.  This would not be allowed at the federal level and should not be allowed here in Massachusetts.  

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  • Rather than complain about campaign puffery via official channels, look at this as an opportunity.  He’s setting up the ducks!  Each one of these “accomplishments” is either half-assed or complete baloney:

    Transpo reform: Half-assed. No elimination of redundant positions between Pike and DoT.  No reform of bloated pensions.

    Pension & ethics: Half-assed. As I remember they were going to go back and do the hard stuff, and never got around to it.

    Commitment to Education: Baloney. He’s doing everything he can do un-do historic achievements in education reform in MA and keeps sucking up to the teachers unions who got him elected.

    Green Stuff: Baloney.  Two words: Evergreen. Solar.

    Marriage Equality: Baloney.  Happened before him.

    Growing Jobs & the Economy: Excuse me???

    Responsible budgeting: If by “responsible,” he means “relying on one-time revenues, tax hikes and rainy day funds to support continued excess spending,” then yeah.  sure.  Otherwise Baloney.

    Health Care Reform:  (A) Happened before him.  (B) Baloney.

    Life Sciences Investment: Really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    Civilian Flaggers: Fact of the thing = half-assed.  Claim to be “saving millions” = baloney.

  • I’d say he’s making the people aware of his initiatives and accomplishments…

    Just like the president –

    Governor Lynch of NH –

    Governor Carcieri of RI –

    Governor Sanford of SC –

    and many more, I’m sure, if only I had the time to check the rest…

  • The use of public money to promote their agenda and further their political campaigns is just one of the areas of agreement that Tim and the Governor he strongly endorsed share.