Dear Scott Brown…

Dear Scott Brown,

WTF is going on?  In case you have been too busy being a celebrity to notice, the center-right coalition that elected you here in Massachusetts is breaking down.

First you voted for the so-called “Jobs Bill.”  I let it slide.  I understand that it was politically popular and you don’t want to be the “Lockstep Republican” for your 2012 election.  The bill was minor, your vote didn’t matter, and I let it go.  Besides, as a Massachusetts Republican who managed to actually win, I was willing to give you a fairly long leash.

Then you voted against the Vitter amendment.  That was just stupid.  “Audit the Fed” polls at 75% in favor and only 9% opposed, and you sided with the 9%.  Every Republican in the House is a sponsor along with Delahunt, McGovern, and Tierney in the Massachusetts delegation.  I didn’t think that matching John Tierney was such a difficult litmus test of conservative credentials, but somehow you failed.  While staggered by the vote, I started searching for rationalizations.  My search did not last very long.

Now you have voted for the Barney Frank/ Chris Dodd financial takeover bill.  This piece of legislation is bad on an epic scale.  While it may not be as bad as the healthcare bill, it’s probably worse than the so-called “Stimulus” bill.  While the “stimulus” ran up nearly a trillion dollars in bad debt, it’s a one shot deal.  Yes, there is compound interest, but our nation can recover.  Your support for this financial takeover bill creates a permanent problem.  It’s bad now, it will be bad next year, 10 years from now and 100 years from now if it is signed into law.

Furthermore, you cast the tie breaking vote.  In the future when secret boards seize private companies whole cloth and without congressional approval it will be your fault.  When the federal reserve engages in endless buyouts and bailouts with our money behind closed doors it will be your fault.

Soon you will vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  Yeah, I already know you’re going to do it, and I have to wonder what exactly we’re left with and why I should bother fighting the good fight.


Scott Brown File Photo So what are we left with in Senator Scott Brown?  Are you no better than Joe Lieberman?  Are you just a liberal Democrat who likes war and water boarding?  Whatever you are, I can’t defend you anymore.

I understand and agree that someone who agrees with me 80% of the time is a friend.  I simply fail to see the 80%.  At this point I’m not even seeing the 20%.  Yeah, I already know “Scott Brown votes with Scott Brown 100% of the time.”  That doesn’t make these votes any good.

Get your act in gear.  I recently took your bumper sticker off of my old truck.  The honeymoon is officially over.  I’m watching you closely now and I am not alone.


Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie.

P.S.  Maybe Carla Howell was right after all.

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  1. When given a choice between a Dem-lite Republican and a Democrat almost always choose the Democrat. Just ask Governor Healey. Scott Brown ran as a fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republican and he should vote that way. A Dem-lite voting record is not a recipe for reelection, because it gives the electorate nothing to be excited about. I hope Sen. Brown plays harder to get when the bill comes out of conference committee. As hard as it is to believe, he could learn something from the Maine ladies. They stuck with their party on the cloture vote for this deeply flawed legislation.  

  2. I worked for your campaign: made calls, stood out in the cold waving signs, attended rallies. I was happy to do so.

    On 11/06/12, I’m pretty sure I will vote for you, Senator, but my energy and enthusiasm will most likely be directed elsewhere.

  3. Mike, I get why some of the things Brown is doing will drive us crazy as conservatives. That said, I still think he’s doing the best he knows how, and will get better as he finds his footing. Also, he has still reserved the right to vote against the final version of the bill, which actually could be good politics. “I was open to getting something done, but this version of the bill is horrible…”, etc.

    One other thing: If you’re having fun with Scott Brown now, you’re going to have a BALL with Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei. They make Brown look like the second coming of Barry Goldwater. Enjoy!

    Jordan Gehrke

    Political Director, Cahill for Governor

  4.   Senator Brown a lot Conservatives that stood out in the cold last January for you are begining to see that you are leaving us out in the cold.  In 2012 we will not forget.

  5.  ” would undermine consumer confidence in the dollar”…..

    Well how undermined is the dollar at the moment. Pretty bad.

    Then he said “politicians should not be making monentary policy”   Great ,  rather than accountable elected congressmen we will have private big bankers make that policy in secret.  

  6. Brown should be more worried about the primary than the general in 2012…

  7. Stunts like the Brown senate seat do nothing but add further damage to the brand that we are all desperatly clinging to.

    His actions, along with those of other BIG GOVERNMENT republicans, demonstrate that Nader was correct by saying that there is no diffenerce between the two parties.

    These expensive elections are not about change, they are only about changing who is in control of the goodie bag. Everyone like to make new friends by getting to be the one to decide who gets the goodies.

    Now there is a campaign slogan that would sell well.

  8. My issue is that Fabbie and Freddie are exempt from all this new regulatioon according to reports. Why then vote for it ? I don’t get it Scott. We worked our ass off for change and it’s seems as though we are getting the same again. Please, when you vote with the likes of Snow and Collins, you don’t represent the people who voted for you.  

  9. …you could have left it at the first paragraph, but Noooooooo…you had to take an off-topic crack at Baker.

    You don’t get it.  Mike is upset with a Republican.  That doesn’t mean he’s going to vote for a Liberal Democrat like Tim Cahill.

  10. That if Mike’s having a hard time stomaching a few preliminary votes from Scott Brown that defy conservative orthodoxy, he will have a REALLY hard time stomaching a Gov. Baker who is far more liberal than Brown. Seems like a pretty safe assumption, no?

    Finally, “Liberal Democrat”? Please, Paul. You don’t even believe yourself when you say things like that.

    We both know that if my guy was running in the GOP primary, just taking the stances he has so far, he’d be positioned more as a conservative than Baker and Richard Tisei.

  11. Let’s review the Cahill Record:

    1. Endorsed Deval Patrick in a contested Democratic Primary

    2. Asked for and gets support from Public Sector Unions on the pledge he won’t reform the pension system.

    3. Increased Lottery staff by 10%

    4. Increased Treasury spending by 50%

    5. Gave patronage positions to relatives.

    Just to name a few.

    Tim Cahill being unable to beat Deval in a Democratic Primary doesn’t make him a conservative.  Going to a Tea Party rally doesn’t make him a conservative.

    Tim Cahill has  been a liberal Democratic Party Hack for 20 years.  

    He’s not running in the Republican Primary.  That’s the whole point.   If he was a conservative, if he had “seen the light” he would be a Republican already.  Not posing as one.

    Neither Mike nor I are under any delusions when it comes to Baker and Tisei.  

    We also know what Tim Cahill is.  Tim Cahill is the Arlen Specter of Massachusetts.  He has no principles, other than electing Tim Cahill to office.


  12. It’s cute when Charlie Baker Republicans regurgitate Boston Globe stories as though they are the final without so much of a hint of irony. Aren’t you the same people who 90 days ago were complaining about the Globe’s treatment of Brown? But hey, if they’re hitting Cahill, let’s treat the Globe like it’s the gospel, right?

    Lottery spending increased because it’s the most profitable lottery in America. They run it like a business and the business has grown. Lottery salaries have been frozen for two years, the number of employees has dropped and the lottery has actually returned money to the taxpayers. Cahill took the pension fund from 26 billion when he took office to 44 billion today, a return of 70 percent. Did you get 70 percent back on your money in the market since 2002? Neither did I.

    If Charlie Baker had run the Big Dig as well as Tim Cahill has run Treasury, it wouldn’t have been an 18 billion dollar disaster.

  13. Please do not act like you are breaking news when you say I am getting paid by Cahill. I have been up front about who I am and why I am here from the beginning.

    Now that you mention it though, that “mercenary” charge is a funny one for you to make.

    We both know many of the Baker Bots on this site and on Twitter posting as “unbiased observers” are actually getting paid by the Baker campaign, both directly and indirectly. Some of them have even taken to the press to provide “objective” analysis of the race.

    You know guys who you are. Trust me, I do too.

  14. I’d like to make a few amendments to what you’re saying here. Cahill is absolutely a hack. He absolutely hired people he shouldn’t have hired. Neither of those things make him a “liberal.” Cahill is not even really a moderate or a conservative. He is an opportunist. Deval Patrick is a liberal, Scott Brown is a moderate, and Charlie Baker is a moderate with some conservative fiscal policies. Conservatives don’t get elected in MA, because MA isn’t a conservative state. Someone like Mitch McConnell, for example, would be laughed out of New England.

    It is possible for people from any part of the spectrum to be hacks. I cannot count how many hacks there are in the General Court. I also wouldn’t call them liberal, and I’d advise everybody to stop echoing Ann Coulter and her ilk in insisting that anyone to the left of Dick Armey is a liberal and anyone to the left of Max Baucus is a socialist. You’re hurting the debate.  

  15. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    NEVER ran the big dig.  The turnpike authority did. Thanks for playing though..

  16. Re:  Deval Patrick and the Dem legislature….

    Have they done ANYTHING in state government as bad as passing this bill on a national level?  Political kickbacks, wasteful spending and increasing the sales tax are all bad.  Still, I don’t think they reach this level of magnitude of this financial bill.

  17. The Press is the Press.  You can’t whine about your coverage.  I disagree with their editorial pages, the news is the news.

    It’s funny, the Lottery was the most successful lottery in the nation from 1990 to 1998, and Joe Malone cut staff and spending.

    BTW, who said anything about the Pension Fund?  I mention 5 things, and you offer a weak response to one of them..  #Fail!

    I called you a Mercenary because you Are One.  There are people who are Republican Consultants who work for Republican Candidates.  There are Democratic Consultants, who work to elect Democratic Candidates.  They do so because they’re already Republicans or Democrats, and they want to help them win, and get paid to do so.

    What are you?  You work for a Republican, then a Democrat.  Why?  


  18. The root of most of what ails us is national, but that isnt to say that the states and locals arent rolling up their sleaves and doing as much damage as their paygrades allow them to.

    On a bright note, if we could fix things on a national level, we would always be free to move to a state that wasnt as screwed up as this, but if the nation continues to implode, there wont be anyplace to go to ….

    Scott Brown is way more painful to behold than Deval, Romney or any state level hack could ever be.

    There is a big difference IMO between people who do the wrong thing because they believe it is right and people who know it is wrong but do it anyways.

  19. RomneyCare.

    It may have only preceded ObamacCare by 4 years, but it is as bad a piece of legislation.

  20. Upsetters Revue

    who claims to care about “hurting the debate” you sure through the term “hack” around in a manner that is a little to caviler for my taste. Your charge is that “Cahill” is a hack for “hiring people he shouldn’t have hired”…Pretty intellectually lazy position if you ask me.

    If you objectively examine Cahill’s resume and accomplishments since taking office, you would see that he has the best team at the Treasury. MA lottery is the best in the nation (world?), PRIT fund is up 70%, Treasurer Cahill has totally re-org’ed the MSBA so it is now functional, and MA bond rating (that he is constitutionally required to sign off on) is in great shape. That says nothing to his managerial skills. There are fewer cars in the fleet by 50 +/-, fewer employees then when he got there, a wage freeze that has been in effect for the last two years, and finally he has stripped public employee pensions where necessary.

    You state, “Cahill is absolutely a hack. He absolutely hired people he shouldn’t have hired” as if that is some sort of fact. I disagree with the premise, Cahill is not a hack because hacks don’t produce results. Cahill has.

    Deval Patrick is a hack because he attempted to hire Walsh for that position that had been filled for 5 year at a 175,000 a year. That is a hack.

    Baker touts having not the most profitable or well run health insurance company but the one with the “highest costumer satisfaction”…and he only did that after taking a 147 million dollar bailout from the taxpayer. That is a hack.

    Long story short, i’m calling BS on this whole line of  “Cahill is a hack” horse pucky. As for being an opportunist…Yeah, that is commonly referred to as listening to the will of the people, something Tisei might want to learn how to do!

  21. …is the Arlen Specter of Massachusetts.  He has no ideals other than electing himself top office.

  22. A post about Scott Brown and financial regulations leads to “Baker’s a liberal!  No, Cahill is a hack!”

    I love RMG more and more every day.

  23. As bad as the Vitter vote was, that was a vote for the status quo.  This “financial overhaul” bill radically EXPANDS the power of the fed.  It’s bad on an epic scale.

    From the WSJ:

    NEW REGULATORY AUTHORITY: Gives federal regulators new authority to seize and break up large troubled financial firms without taxpayers bailouts in cases where the firm’s collapse could destabilize the financial system. Sets up a liquidation procedure run by the FDIC. Management could be removed, with shareholders and unsecured creditors bearing losses. Other provisions would make it harder for top executives at the failed firms to claim large compensation packages, and it would give the government power to limit payments for certain creditors of failed firms. Treasury would supply funds to cover the up-front costs of winding down the failed firm.

    CONSUMER AGENCY: Would create a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau within the Federal Reserve, with rulemaking and some enforcement power over banks and non-banks that offer consumer financial products or services such as credit cards, mortgages and other loans. The new watchdog would have authority to examine and enforce regulations for all mortgage-related businesses, large non-bank financial companies such as big payday lenders and consumer reporting companies, and for banks and credit unions with assets of more than $10 billion.

  24. ….that it’s a bad bill.  They only question is whether Scott voted for a Bad Bill so they’re wouldn’t be a Terrible Bill.

    2 Democrats, Cantewell, and Fiengold, voted “no” because they wanted a Stricter Bill.  This was lost as soon as the Maine Girls voted “yes”.

    The only question was whether Scott took half a bad loaf, or waited until Ried gave Cantewell and Fiengold a Whole Loaf of badness, which would have passed 61-39 with Scott Brown voting “no”.

    I don’t disagree it sucks.  I just don’t know what his logic is.

  25. There’s no crying in baseball.  So there are Baker supporters who beat you up.  Suck it up, kiddo.  This is the big leagues.  There’s no crying in baseball!


  26. The fed will now have much more power, but thanks to the failure of the Vitter amendment you will never know what they are doing with that power. You will only be able to guess.

  27. Upsetters Revue

    This coming from a Baker supporter is pretty rich! Richard Tisei is a fraud! This guy calls himself a Republican, puts that proud (R) after his name and people trust that the brand would never allow a co-sponsor of the bathroom bill, a tax hiking, 100% NARAL endorsed, MTA money donating LIBERAL on the ticket for Lt. Governor, yet the Republican party could put these heads together to run anyone against him (or Martha just to show you how really inept they are).

    Ill tell you this much EVERYONE I talk to that finds out how liberal Richard is feels lied to in having supported him. This ticket is rotting on the vine every day that the Honorable State Senator Richard Tisei is on it. So enjoy the fruit of this poisonous tree while you can.

  28. Liberal – yes I will give you that.  However, I don’t think “fraud” is the right word.  Tisei hasn’t hid, run from, or denied his beliefs.  He attached his name to the legislation he supports and defends it both consistently and publicly.

    My problem with Tisei is that I disagree with him on policy.  I strongly oppose much of the legislation he supports.  For example, Tisei is a NARAL donor.  i oppose this because I am pro-life.  This shows that Tisei is liberal.  If he were a fraud, he would be pretending to be pro-life.

    A fraud is someone more like Charlie Christ.  He couldn’t beat Marco Rubio in a primary, so he left the party.  Now that he’s no longer a Republican his positions are suddenly and rapidly changing on a variety of issues.

  29. When was the last time a sitting Republican was defeated in a Massachusetts primary?

    But I will say this:

    Scott Brown won his election largely because of the army of activists he had here in Massachusetts.  The base of money and volunteers he had was unparalleled by other campaigns.  The same people who won the election for him are getting pissed off and won’t be there for him in 2012.  For example, I donated $250 to Scott Brown for the special election.  The way things are right now, I plan to keep my money for myself next time around.  I know that I am not alone.

  30. As in, the paradigm has shifted. Brown himself didn’t think he would win – but as you pointed out, he won based on a concept of being an anti-Obama, and fighting the socialist agenda. He is clearly aiding it now – and so it is not crazy to think he might struggle in a Republican primary (especially given the low number of Republicans in the state).  

  31. State Senate, State Rep, County office, anything…  When has any incumbent Republican lost in a primary?

    Yes, the political climate is very different now.  No denying that.  Even so, the system here in Massachusetts is more difficult for a conservative challenger.  We have open primaries that bring in unenrolled voters.  In places like Utah where conventions or caucuses determine nominees it’s a lot more likely.

    I still remain hopeful that he can turn things around David Ortiz style.  That was the main reason I wrote this post.  Someone needed to say this publicly.  I like Scott Brown, but I choose not to be an apologist for bad policy.

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