Dear Scott Brown…

Dear Scott Brown,

WTF is going on?  In case you have been too busy being a celebrity to notice, the center-right coalition that elected you here in Massachusetts is breaking down.

First you voted for the so-called “Jobs Bill.”  I let it slide.  I understand that it was politically popular and you don’t want to be the “Lockstep Republican” for your 2012 election.  The bill was minor, your vote didn’t matter, and I let it go.  Besides, as a Massachusetts Republican who managed to actually win, I was willing to give you a fairly long leash.

Then you voted against the Vitter amendment.  That was just stupid.  “Audit the Fed” polls at 75% in favor and only 9% opposed, and you sided with the 9%.  Every Republican in the House is a sponsor along with Delahunt, McGovern, and Tierney in the Massachusetts delegation.  I didn’t think that matching John Tierney was such a difficult litmus test of conservative credentials, but somehow you failed.  While staggered by the vote, I started searching for rationalizations.  My search did not last very long.

Now you have voted for the Barney Frank/ Chris Dodd financial takeover bill.  This piece of legislation is bad on an epic scale.  While it may not be as bad as the healthcare bill, it’s probably worse than the so-called “Stimulus” bill.  While the “stimulus” ran up nearly a trillion dollars in bad debt, it’s a one shot deal.  Yes, there is compound interest, but our nation can recover.  Your support for this financial takeover bill creates a permanent problem.  It’s bad now, it will be bad next year, 10 years from now and 100 years from now if it is signed into law.

Furthermore, you cast the tie breaking vote.  In the future when secret boards seize private companies whole cloth and without congressional approval it will be your fault.  When the federal reserve engages in endless buyouts and bailouts with our money behind closed doors it will be your fault.

Soon you will vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  Yeah, I already know you’re going to do it, and I have to wonder what exactly we’re left with and why I should bother fighting the good fight.


Scott Brown File Photo So what are we left with in Senator Scott Brown?  Are you no better than Joe Lieberman?  Are you just a liberal Democrat who likes war and water boarding?  Whatever you are, I can’t defend you anymore.

I understand and agree that someone who agrees with me 80% of the time is a friend.  I simply fail to see the 80%.  At this point I’m not even seeing the 20%.  Yeah, I already know “Scott Brown votes with Scott Brown 100% of the time.”  That doesn’t make these votes any good.

Get your act in gear.  I recently took your bumper sticker off of my old truck.  The honeymoon is officially over.  I’m watching you closely now and I am not alone.


Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie.

P.S.  Maybe Carla Howell was right after all.

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