Charlie in Charge—-

  Just left a press conference on the Village Green in Hyannis where Charlie and Richard put forth the “Baker’s Dozen” Reforms to all of us on the Cape.  Great turnout and Charlie is the only candidate in the race that is THE Reformer.

 His reforms are common sense and he takes on the sacred cows on Beacon Hill that have trampled

the potential for our State to move forward.  Charlie “gets it” and had the courage to take this on.  He is the only candidate that is putting forth concrete, viable, Main Street prop-

osals to save our State Billions of TAXPAYER dollars.  The special interests will take hard shots at him for this and will raise money to move Patricks numbers.  Yet, I do believe that People will see it for what it is—  Mary Campisi wife of a Cape condtractor sought me out and we talked about how right the Baker Dozen reforms are and how it is so necessary to Charlie to get elected and fix this mess on Beacon Hill.  Mary said it all in that Charlie must get elected.  She’s working for him now as am I—lets get this going and elect a true reformer to the corner office.  

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  • from the Cahill campaign with their detailed plans for reforming state government. Meanwhile Charlie is out talking to folks about his Baker’s Dozen. And you’re right Christie, he has come out strong against those “sacred cows” that Cahill won’t touch with a ten foot pole. The only stuff we’re likely to see from him is the same old low-hanging fruit that the hacks on the Hill claim as “reform”.

    Also, for all those critics out there who claim Charlie will do nothing to build our party, have you noticed how many kick-off and candidate events he’s attending? Cahill showing up at any of these to offer support? How’s he going to help build our party again?

  • demolisher

    I am a Baker supporter but/and also am impressed and pleased that you are here posting things like this.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for putting your support behind Charlie Baker.  

    We have a great opportunity to get the Governors office back into the control of fiscal conservatives and we all need to stand together to make that happen.

    We must realize that no one is going to agree with any candidate 100% of the time, so we need to support the candidate who is most closely aligned to our beliefs and who is true to who he says he is.

    I believe that person is Charlie Baker.

  • …to watch Christy get active on RMG.  Early on, it was suggested here that it couldn’t really be the candidate, it must be a surrogate, as no candidate would bother with something like RMG personally.  That accusation discounted how perfectly the man meshed with the mechanism.

    Except for some faux pas early on (apologies accepted, right?) he’s taken to this like a duck to water.  Having listened to him talk many times, it’s no exaggeration to say he was BORN for internet communication (Baker referred to this when he called Christy a ‘sound bite machine’).

    Outside of the nastiness of formal campaigning and back in the land of ideas (where ideas are more important than strategy), I hope Christy continues to share his many sparks and suggestions – because he really does have a million of them!

  •  “Five and Five”, “Baker’s Dozen”…Symbolism is very memorable, but I prefer listening to substantial solutions to all issues discussed, instead of symbolism. Besides, as one example, where’s the actual proof that Massachusetts tax rates can never, ever possibly be brought down to become lower than 5%? I want proof! I’m not convinced that essential state services will completely collapse at 4.9% or lower, including at the 3% level proposed in the ’10 state ballot question. On any issue, symbolism over substance makes me question the reality of the solutions given by any candidate for any political office.  

  • And Christy, the Deputy Governor is the Lt. Governor according to John Adam’s constitution.The only local elected experience that Charlie has is as a Selectman and as that he voted to raise taxes via proposition 2 & 1/2?

    Don’t undercut the position of Lt. Governor! If you had been smart and listened to people and checked your ego, you could have been the Lt. Governor nominee this year.

    But you should be thanked for post convention support for Charlie and if Charlie becomes Governor, he should appoint Christy as his Secretary of Administration and Finance.