Charlie in Charge—-

  Just left a press conference on the Village Green in Hyannis where Charlie and Richard put forth the “Baker’s Dozen” Reforms to all of us on the Cape.  Great turnout and Charlie is the only candidate in the race that is THE Reformer.

 His reforms are common sense and he takes on the sacred cows on Beacon Hill that have trampled

the potential for our State to move forward.  Charlie “gets it” and had the courage to take this on.  He is the only candidate that is putting forth concrete, viable, Main Street prop-

osals to save our State Billions of TAXPAYER dollars.  The special interests will take hard shots at him for this and will raise money to move Patricks numbers.  Yet, I do believe that People will see it for what it is—  Mary Campisi wife of a Cape condtractor sought me out and we talked about how right the Baker Dozen reforms are and how it is so necessary to Charlie to get elected and fix this mess on Beacon Hill.  Mary said it all in that Charlie must get elected.  She’s working for him now as am I—lets get this going and elect a true reformer to the corner office.  

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