Charlie Baker to Headline Event for David Pottier

David Pottier, candidate for the 1st Plymouth and Bristol State Senate seat, has been pounding the pavement and supporting other GOP candidates around the state. As a sitting City Councilor and past President of the City Council in Taunton, David’s got a great jump start on name recognition in the district and a proven track record of electability.

David is also a die hard supporter of GOP candidates and causes. Not many supported Scott Brown as early as David as he and his wife Liz too the trip up to Boston for his announcement. He’s also been instrumental along with Mike Staples in rebuilding the Taunton Republican City Committee.

I hope all the area Red Mass Group posters and readers and come out on May 15th in support of David. The event begins at 6:00pm and tickets are on sale for $50 each. The event is a diner so please RSVP by contacting Mike Staples at 508-558-5602 or emailing

I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t willing to put my money where my mouth was. So, I hope to be seeing many of you there. It will be great to put a few faces to screen names.  

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