Yes, Changing One Representative Can Make a Big Difference

A couple of weeks back I ran into my incumbent at an event at the Tanner Tavern in Woburn. While I was collecting signatures for my campaign, I told voters that we need to change Beacon Hill by changing our representatives. My incumbent’s response – changing me won’t be much change for Beacon Hill. I guess he doesn’t remember the tie vote to keep funding Bunker Hill & Evacuation Day where he voted to keep funding holidays for a few rather than using that money for other more necessary functions of government. Yes, changing one representative can make a big difference. Especially when that one incumbent representative has a taxpayer unfriendly record.

My incumbent tries to pass himself off as a conservative, but study of his record and with whom he aligns himself show otherwise. One of his very first actions in the State House was voting for DiMasi for Speaker while the indictments were looming. He was an initial cosponsor to strip away a parent’s right to of notification and consent for their minor child having an abortion.

One of his next big acts – voting to increase the sales tax, the alcohol tax, the nursing homes tax, the meals tax, the hotels tax etc. He voted to increase funding for the Attorney General’s Office and decrease funding for the Soldiers’ Homes. He says he is against public funding for abortions, but voted for a budget that funds abortions. He says he voted for the sales tax increase because local aid was earmarked for protection, yet local aid has continuously been cut since the imposition of the sales tax increase.

Then there was the vote to keep Bunker Hill & Evacuation Day. He also voted to override the Governor’s veto & appropriate the Legislature an additional $18 million to fund its own operations while the state cut local aid reimbursements. Next up, he was supporting Martha Coakley at an event in Woburn just days before the Senate Election even though Coakley said that “we need to get taxes up.” Rather than stand up for the taxpayers and fight for reforms, in March, he joined in a letter to the Woburn government telling them to brace themselves for a 3 ½ to 5% cut in local aid.

He is aligning himself with the Beacon Hill Machine. A review of his guest list on Facebook for his reelection kickoff shows House Ways & Means Chairman Charley Murphy as attending. In the last few days Murphy released the House Ways & Means Budget, praising the difficult decisions that were made, which included 4% local aid cuts. Even though the cities and towns are already struggling to balance their budgets without local tax increases, Murphy feels that the local aid cuts are “not outrageous.” Earlier this year, Mr. Murphy also told cities and towns that local aid would get cut and that they were given a tool to raise revenue (the local options meals & hotels tax) so cities & towns need to use it.

Now Mr. Murphy is attacking Proposition 2 ½. Taxpayer protector Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation wrote in a posting on Red Mass Group

This proposed W&M change in Prop 2½ would allow all communities to increase the presently allowed levy by the amount in the community’s Overlay (abatement) account, i.e, the money supposedly set aside to pay taxpayers who appeal their property tax assessment to local assessors, though if not used for abatements it can be spent on anything at all. There would be no requirement to ask local voters’ approval of this property tax

My incumbent is part of the problem on Beacon Hill. Although his time in the legislature has been brief, there is no difference between him and his predecessors. He is protecting the establishment, not the taxpayers.

Not only have I pledged not to raise taxes when elected, I pledge to fight for the taxpayers. I will fight for the much-needed reforms on Beacon Hill. Please get involved in my campaign for state representative at because our legislature needs to stop seeing taxpayers as an unlimited ATM machine.

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