Where did it Go????… Maybe its time to grow up Little Timmy

Has anyone else noticed that the first attack ad of the entire campaign put out by Tim “Pay to Play” Cahill has now been removed? For those of you who do not remember it was a poorly created ad of name tags being placed on a gentleman in a suit, in which they called Charlie Baker a “Special Internist”,as-well as other names now all of a sudden it has been removed from You Tube by the cahill campaign. As Tim Cahill runs around the state crying because he has been attacked by a third party group, he must have forgotten that he personally paid for the first attack ad, while Baker had nothing to do with this one. I think Mr. Pay to Play has turned into Mr. Flip Flop… either that or Mr. I or my Staff cant remember our own ads. It is sad that the Cahill Campaign is so poorly run that they are basing their entire focus this week on something they started. Below is the link to a RMG conversation started by SSR in which he talks and posts about the Cahill attack ad on Charlie Baker..Any comment Joe, could you please give tim message from the republicans…Its politics, grow up the RGA ads are true how is it an attack ad if they are telling the truth


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