We Are Proud To Endorse Grace Ross For Governor

It is with great pleasure that we, the new editors of RMG, announce our endorsement of Grace Ross for governor. She has devoted her life to advancing the progressive values we strongly believe in and wearing amazingly bitchin’ scarves. We encourage the RMG community to support Ross in her bid to replace Deval Patrick as governor. Patrick, who we courageously supported in 2006 has failed miserably as a progressive. He failed to raise the income tax or create a progressive income tax. He is a union buster and deeply entrenched in the pocket of corporate special interests. For far too long he has shown that he is really a Blue Dog Democrat and not a true progressive like Byron Rushing. We’d prefer if Rushing were governor for life but he’d have to shave his South End hipster beard because, as you know, it is against the Massachusetts Constitution to be governor and have a beard. So Grace Ross is our next best option and we’re proud to support her in the race for governor.  

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