US Senator Scott Brown Endorses Baker/Tisei in Convention

I’ve added the actual endorsement call.

US Senator Scott Brown has endorsed Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei going into the Convention.

I received the auto-call yesterday early afternoon and I just got around to checking my voicemails.  The recorded message was a brief 37 second message that thanked me for my support of Scott Brown during his campaign and that he supports Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei.

I know they will bring real change to Beacon Hill and work to restore fiscal sanity to Massachusetts government.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Charlie and Richard at the Convention on April 17. — US Senator Scott Brown

Yes, I know then State Senator Scott Brown was one of a virtually unanimous endorsement slate from our MassGOP legislative caucus but this is the first official pronouncement that I’ve heard from Scott Brown as a US Senator.

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