US Senator Scott Brown Endorses Baker/Tisei in Convention

I’ve added the actual endorsement call.

US Senator Scott Brown has endorsed Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei going into the Convention.

I received the auto-call yesterday early afternoon and I just got around to checking my voicemails.  The recorded message was a brief 37 second message that thanked me for my support of Scott Brown during his campaign and that he supports Charlie Baker & Richard Tisei.

I know they will bring real change to Beacon Hill and work to restore fiscal sanity to Massachusetts government.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Charlie and Richard at the Convention on April 17. — US Senator Scott Brown

Yes, I know then State Senator Scott Brown was one of a virtually unanimous endorsement slate from our MassGOP legislative caucus but this is the first official pronouncement that I’ve heard from Scott Brown as a US Senator.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    You would think that a guy that won a US Senate seat ‘owned’ by a liberal for 47 years and challenged by a machine style moonbat would have a greater appreciation for underdog campaigns.  

    I support Christy Mihos and a Republican primary.  Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

  • Both Baker and Tisei were there for Scott in the beginning.

    I have heard both from Charlie and Scott of how Charlie was one of the first people Scott ran his senate run by.

    There is a Baker Bumper sticker on Browns truck.

    Christy is the equivalent of Jack E. Robinson, they are both crazy and are only there to hurt the race, and Brown realizes this. Christy gave us Deval Patrick, and will do it again.

    I supported Scott Brown for US Senate, and this endorsement just proves he will make the right decisions, and do whats right.