Turnabout is Fair Play – Thought for Arizona v San Francisco

Since Governor Brewer signed into law Arizona’s response to the influx of illegal immigrants into their state, there has been much said and written about the new law.  Comments have ranged from wholehearted support to complete opposition.

The response that caused me to shake my head was San Francisco Mayor Newsome’s pronouncement that San Francisco would boycott the State of Arizona.  At first I was more than a bit incredulous at this approach.  I mean, actually recommend that a City boycott an entire State.  It did not make any sense to me.

Then it hit me this morning.  The people of Arizona need not get mad at San Francisco for the boycott, they can return the favor and boycott San Francisco and companies who are headquartered there.

One example came quickly to mind – Wells Fargo.  Arizona and many of its municipalities use Wells Fargo for banking services.  Wells Fargo happens to be principally headquartered in San Francisco.  So instead of worrying about San Francisco people not traveling to Arizona maybe the State of Arizona and its municipalities and residents should move their money to another bank.  

I am sure that there are many other examples and I welcome any thoughts on whom else the State could boycott.

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