Truly mind-boggling…

Consider, however, that a food desert is defined by the USDA and on the Let’s Move website as “neighborhoods that are more than a mile from a supermarket.” Stop for a second to wrap your mind around that. If your grocery store is more than a mile away, the federal government defines your community as “without a supermarket.”

So, since my local Atlantic went out of business and the closest supermarket is now 1.25 miles from my home, I live in a “Food Desert”.

We’re going to “invest” $400 million a year to have federal agents “bring grocery stores to underserved areas” and “help” convenience stores carry (high-priced) apples and tomatoes? How exactly do federally funded farmers markets “boost local economies”? If the feds insisted on getting involved, wouldn’t it be simpler to sign people up for a home delivery service like Peapod?

Michelle Obama, however, sees low-income people as victims incapable of taking responsibility for their family’s diets. You can see the attitude in her White House speech:

   [Living in a food desert] means far fewer healthier options are available to so many families who are going to be working to try to figure this out.  They won’t have access to the resources they need to do what we’re asking them to do.

It’s reminiscent of her imperious speech during the campaign: “Barack Obama will require you to work … Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual …etc.” She sees government in control; families are going to be working”; government is “asking” them to eat healthy food, and government then has to provide “the resources they need.”

As I said, mind-boggling.

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