Tony Perkins speech – NRLC – notes and rundown

Perkins is speaking prior to the big event, Sarah Palin.  His initial theme was “we’re not going anywhere” and focused primarily on healthcare.  He offered somewhat numb soundbites for a while, but described healthcare in the stark term a “socialistic time bomb” and used the GOP talking point of “replace, repeal, restore” as the solution.

Perkins referenced Congressmen like Phil Hare who said he didn’t care about the Constitution, but said that it shouldn’t be an automatic windfall for the GOP, that they had to earn the votes of those on the right due to years of mismanagement.

Perkins then linked morality and politics and talked about strengthening the American family.  He said that “nothing is more important than the sanctity of human life” and lead into a discussion of abortion.  

Offering a stark anecdote, he said that his local church, as a Louisiana native, was burying a newborn that was tossed into the gutter and linked that to the discarding of human life through abortion.  Perkins named Planned Parenthood by name, to great applause.  Though Perkins didn’t offer the standard pro-life line of defunding Planned Parenthood, the crowd understood the implication and reference.


The old Brahmin WASPy support of Planned Parenthood and abortion seems to be breaking down.  Several other speakers, including Perkins, referenced the death of credibility for the pro-life conservative Democrat in the wake of Stupak’s pro-life betrayal.  The crowd seemed very supportive of these lines.

Perkins then spoke about other threats to the family, such as the illegitimacy rate, recent census numbers suggesting 40% of births from single mothers as an alarming statistic, and the implication that so many young children would grow up without a father.  He also mentioned the pro-homosexual policies within the military which should be repealed.  

Perkins said the military should not be a place of “radical social experimentation” for gay policies.  He then suggested and implied that the Wall Street meltdown was due not to undereducated bankers, but fundamentally about a moral breakdown that society was seeing across other cultural indicators.  The solution, he said, was to defend the “judeo-Christian” traditions and values.

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