To my fellow Republicans Let Us Stand United!

As a proud Republican and supporter of Christy Mihos for Governor I am disappointed in the results.  I felt a primary would have been great for OUR Party and would have made it stronger.  That said the vast majority of convention delegates have spoken, Mihos lost and Baker won.  I will therefore enthusiastically support Charlie Baker for Governor.  Charlie is a well-qualified and excellent candidate for Governor.  I watched both men debate in Shirley a week before the convention.  They stood together on many issues, as said in the Lowell sun “the two often echoed and expanded on what the other said”.  Unfortunately, only one of them can be governor.  

Christy gave a good speech at the convention and made his case well.  Sadly the votes were not there.  I know some voted to spite Christy for 2006, I was mad as hell at him too, but I forgave him and signed on in 2009.  In the end, I believe the majority of delegates voted for whom they felt is the most qualified candidate and I respect their vote.   If Christy won and Charlie lost, you would expect the Baker supporters to join Christy right?  

There are many who are mad at the MAGOP leadership for treating Christy poorly and I share their anger but just because Christy lost, does not mean it is time to throw in the towel and say, to hell with the Party and the election.   It does not make any sense to me to sink the ship and have us all drown just because you did not vote for the new Captain. That is not the fault of Charlie Baker.

I understand those of you who stood with me on the convention floor holding Christy signs are pissed off, but ask yourself do you really want four more years of  Deval Patrick, arrogant big government, and oppressive taxation?  I sure as hell do not and neither do you!  Our state and party cannot afford it.  His re-election is a mandate to tax and spend us to death and makes Scott Brown’s election and our momentum a fluke.  Is that what you want? No! Your wallet and well-being cannot afford it.

This is the greatest opportunity we as Republicans have ever had to stop the madness on Beacon Hill.  We must advance our cause on all fronts, for Governor, State Representative, State Senate, and Congress.   Now is the time for Us to Stand United and show the full measure of our resolve. Join me my fellow Citizen Patriots in supporting Charlie Baker! Let us stand shoulder to shoulder, fix bayonets, and drive them into the heart of big government and oppressive taxation!

Victory in 2010!

Frank Devan

Chair Shirley RTC

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