Tim Cahill’s Team working the floor to get Christy Mihos Delegate votes

Red Mass group has learned that our own Joe Sheehan and the Cahill team are working the floor for Christy Mihos.  


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  • Nice job trying to prop up Christy.  BTW, why didn’t Loscocco come out to the Convention?  The ex-Democrat Timmy Boy made it but the ex-Republican didn’t?  Must’ve had his tail between his legs.        

  • For the Better of our party, and security of our plans for November I don’t think its right that Joe Sheehan is an officer in any republican groups, or even a member.

    All RMG members please see the link below, and either call or send an email to all of the officers of the Plymouth County republican, asking them to remove the democrat lover Joe Sheehan from their Membership


  • I wish Cahill was as strong a proponent of primaries as SSR.  Instead, Timmy cowardly avoided a Dem primary and  morphed into a Tea Partier.  The eight-year Democratic  incumbent double-dipping hack will be exposed for the politically duplicitous phony that he is….