Tim Cahill, have the courage to stand behind your actions.

Tim Cahill needs to have the courage to stand behind his actions and words.  His campaign is full of duplicity the likes of which are seldom seen amongst politicians.  The most glaring example of this came this week.  The Republican Governors Association decided to enter this race to ensure that Cahill can’t define himself as a conservative savior without being challenged on it.  Cahill’s public record is that of a tax and spend hack, and he’s had some success at hiding it.  The RGA ad was and is great strategy.  Truthful ads are not negative.

The part of all this that would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic is the Cahill campaign playing the victim card.  If you remember, our own Joe Sheehan wrote a piece entitiled Cahill Campaign Continues Attack on Baker about the first negative ad of the 2010 campaign season.  The ad in a cutesy way tried to paint Charlie Baker as a “special interest”.  The problem is when faced with a $1,000,000 ad buy, that they can’t compete with, the Cahill campaign took down the ad.  Wouldn’t want to leave up the evidence, now would we? Jordan Gehrke, the political director of the Cahill Campaign, then had the temerity to go on the Todd and Tom show and ask Charlie Baker to denounce negative campaigning (23:10 of this clip).  Baker skillfully deflected Gehrke by reminding him that Cahill was the first one to go negative. The silence from Gehrke was deafening.  If you’re gonna be big enough to throw stones Team Cahill be big enough to get boulders thrown back.

Cahill then got himself in some hot water in trying to defend himself against the charges of the $1.3M renovation of the Lottery headquarters in Braintree.  Cahill said all over talk radio, well the Lottery didn’t pay for the renovations the landlord did.  Then we find out based on an old Boston Globe article that the rent was raised astronomically to pay for the renovations.  In fact the effective interest rate charged by the landlord was 28.9% those rates are usurious.  The Republican Governors’ Association followed up asking for Cahill to release the leases.  Something which still hasn’t happened.

The best part of this whole episode is that Tim Cahill finally came clean on who he is. On the Howie Carr Show Cahill said the following.

Howie, I want to make it clear, though, I’m not passing myself off as a reformer or as a good government guy.  I passing myself off myself off as someone who can get things done.

Treasurer Tim, it may just be time to pack the campaign in.  If you aren’t the reform candidate in this reform minded election year, than you aren’t going to win.  If you aren’t the reform candidate then you are admitting your the hack candidate who stands for Pay to Play, overspending, fiscal irresponsibility at the Lottery, and patronage. Maybe it’s time to stop pretending to be otherwise.  

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