The Power of Ten

We’re testing the power of authentic grassroots and I’m asking fellow RMGers to help by participating in our 10 by 10 challenge to best Grossman & Murphy’s fundraising this month.

As of Friday, we were about $10K behind first place in deposits this month among treasurer candidates.  

If we can raise the $10K in 10 days through on-line grassroots fundraising, I’m certain we can eclipse the Democratic candidates…

…so if you’re fired for whatever reason, help us with the 10 * 10 challenge and help us raise $10K in 10 days:

Will you pledge $10 online or by mail within the next 10 days and ask 10 of your friends or family to do the same?

Just visit to donate $10 on-line and ask ten of your friends and family to match your $10 contribution within the next 10 days leading up to April 30th.

Forward this e-mail to 10 friends and multiply our efforts–thank you for your help!

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