Tea Party Disruptions

After all the talk and concern about possible disruptions to the Boston Tea they turned out to be minimal and ineffective. Most of the people there who planned to actually disrupt the event represented hard-left groups like the Workers Communist Party, Bail Out The People Movement, Socialist Party, and a smattering of Palestinian activists. These groups received next to no press coverage before the event unlike Kathleen Toomey’s group the Real Boston Tea Party who merely gathered to have a picnic on the Common and dress up in fancy clothes. Toomey said that her group planned to remain on their plot of grass near Tremont Street and eat sandwiches for most of the events.  

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Maureen Sheehan, an activist with the Bail Out The People Movement and a homeless advocate, said that her group was there to protest “a group that is promoting racism, sexism, hatred, division, and anti-immigrant bashing.”

She said her group, pictured in the video below, snaked through the crowd to make their voices heard and to get “as close to the stage as possible.”  

“We want Palin to know that there are some of us who don’t support her neo-fascist agenda,” she said.

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