Speak, Republicans… and do not mumble.


You should read this entire commentary, and then forward to all your “independent” friends, not to mention every republican you know running for office.

A taste.

One way or another, ObamaCare won’t last far beyond the point where your kids go bankrupt trying to pay for it. The American entitlement state is the world’s tallest, shakiest house of cards. We can find the strength and self-respect to repeal this garbage now, or weep in shame and confusion when it implodes, after years of increasing poverty and decreasing public health. I encourage wobbly Republican politicians to take a long look at their preschool-age children, grandchildren, nephews, or nieces during the Easter holiday. Make peace with ObamaCare now, and you give life to a system that has already declared war on those kids… and will utterly defeat them before they graduate high school.

Big Government is a parasite that is more than willing to kill its host. Ordinary people are beginning to see it for what it is. They understand that something is terribly wrong with their government. Now is the time to explain the origins of this leviathan, and put ObamaCare in its proper context… as the final, absurd contortions of a philosophy that acts in complete ignorance, and sometimes outright contempt, for what free people can achieve. Behold the toxic wonder of a bill that forces people to buy a product that it will also cause a shortage of.

Republicans, you know how this story ends. You’ve seen its miserable ending all over the world, from the ruins of Russia to the sick old men of Europe, dying from the fever of unsustainable entitlements and the chills of terminal demography… and too weak to protest as the shroud of fascism is drawn slowly over them. Repealing ObamaCare, and replacing it with real and meaningful health care reforms grounded in the fertile soil of the free market, should be the beginning of your commitment to guide your country away from this fate. To compromise with those who showed no interest in compromising their lust for power would be surrender. When you discover people trapped inside a burning car, you’re not doing them any favors by feeding change into the parking meter.

The Democrats made a fatal mistake in writing their principles of greed and control in red ink, across ObamaCare’s thousands of shadowy pages. With the fiscally conservative Democrat exposed as a mirage, and the socially conservative Democrat a lie, the ears of our rapidly-growing independent population turn to the GOP. They’re listening for the principles of faith in the common man, and humility before the creative power of freedom.

Speak, Republicans… and do not mumble.

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