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  • Ok ..so this YouTube brings up some of Cahill’s less than “Independent” dealings, BUT he still has a great team of advisors including former staffers from Senator John McCain …oh wait a second …this morning’s Boston Globe had an interesting article stating ..”Cahill adviser quits, citing lack of contact”. But he still has a great convention coming up to motivate people …umm nope ..that’s a negative on the convention.  But he still has a great grass roots team around the State of local City and Town Committees who will work hard once the primary is over …umm..that’s another “not going to happen”.  

  • Good response to the Baker name tag web ad.

    Unlike the original anti-Baker ad, this one is 3rd party.  Baker doesn’t take the political hit for running a negative ad and can stay above the fray.  Nice job by Norwood58, whoever he is.

  • I find it very interesting that supporters of Charlie Baker cannot seem to make their own “Support Charlie” videos, but only “Tim is the Devil!” videos. Has anyone given one specific positive reason to vote for Baker/Tisei? Perhaps they haven’t because there isn’t one.