Seriously guys, nobody wants to challenge Martha Coakley?

After trouncing Martha Coakley in the special election for US Senate the Republicans failed to find a candidate to challenge her for attorney general all but guaranteeing her reelection. With an estimated $613,000 in available campaign funds she is not a pushover but she is still severely wounded from the special election where she ran one of the worst campaigns in history. The fact that the GOP could not even find a sacrificial lamb like a Jack E. Robinson (though he did pull papers) to run against her says how shallow the GOP bench is. The current leadership of the Massachusetts GOP has made tremendous strides in building basic party infrastructure like ward and precinct committees in a short period of time but that won’t change the sad state of the GOP overnight.

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Electable statewide candidates don’t just appear out of thin air. They’re groomed at the municipal and, later, state legislative levels. Scott Brown is a perfect example of how a candidate worked his way up from elected municipal official to elected legislator to a statewide office. Local committees put up dulling slates of candidates for offices from planning board to board of selectmen. Most local elections are officially nonpartisan but nothing could be further from reality. These local elections are not only exercises in basic politicking for future congressmen and senators; they help build a local political network for future activity in the area. As elected officials move up the political food chain new candidates emerge from these local networks and the system starts all over.

Of course this system only works when you have potential candidates who understand this long process and are willing to put in the time instead of shoot for the stars because they suffer from delusions of grandeur. If you can’t win a race for school committee in your hometown you have no businesses running for congress.


Some pranksters(?) were circulating a flyer encouraging Tim Cahill to run for attorney general as a Republican.

The text at the bottom of the flyer says “He should help solve the problems not create them!”

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