Sarah Palin speaks at the So. GOP Leadership Conference

From Sarah Palin at the SRLC

Sarah Palin gave a speech, well-covered by others and the many media people here at SRLC.  

Palin gave a fabulous presentation, she poked fun at herself, made great use of humor and was just a great speech.  Her overall tone is right on the mark and even if she isn’t running for anything, she was clearly the favorite here.

I have video that I’ll be linking later.

Perhaps the only nugget that you won’t read elsewhere is her emphasis on energy policy within the speech, and a small dig at the Cape wind project that she derided opponents as upset merely because of the changes to the scenery even though the nation had a pressing need for energy indepedence.

More pics are here.  I’ll add the video later as a comment and the audio later as another comment when it’s finished uploading.

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