Richard Neal’s failure on illegal immigration

RMG Friends,

Last week, Arizona decided to be proactive in protecting their citizens by passing legislation allowing local and state law enforcement to more effectively do their jobs, allowing them to ask suspects to prove their citizenship. While nearly 70 percent of Arizona residents support this new law, there are some on the Left that are opposed and have taken to the streets in opposition.

What both sides of this issue agree on, however, is that the U.S. Congress has consistently failed to offer any effective solutions to this growing problem. Leadership on both sides has abrogated their responsibilities to take on the most fundamental function of government: protect the borders.  We need solutions that move the ball, not freeze the picture. Not surprisingly, Richard Neal has been a party to this dereliction of duty and must be held accountable.

What exactly is Richard Neal’s record on immigration?

  • Co-sponsored HR 1741, the “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2007,” the latest amnesty bill.
  • Voted against allowing considering of verification amendments to the health care bill in 2009.
  • Voted against punishing sanctuary cities in 2008, language to deny tax exempt interest with respect to bonds of sanctuary states and cities.
  • Voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to vote in union elections.
  • Voted against border fence in 2006, HR 6061, the Secure Fence Act of 2006. It passed by a vote of 283-138-1
  • Voted against authorizing the use of the military to assist in border control functions in 2005. The amendment passed the House by a vote of 245-184.
  • Voted against a bill barring drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens in 2005. The bill passed by a vote of 261-161.

    Richard Neal will not secure the border. Richard Neal will not empower local and state law enforcement officials with the authority to apprehend people in this country illegally. Richard Neal will, however, reward those who break the law and enter our country illegally with amnesty.  We know this because he has co-sponsored legislation that does just that.

    This is NOT leadership. Richard Neal has chosen to push a far too liberal liberal agenda instead of listening to the people of the Second District.

    I am running for Congress because our government has let us down. Illegal immigration is out of control.  Under the “leadership” of people like Nancy Pelosi and Richard Neal, things will grow more perilous.  We have a real opportunity to have true representation in Washington, an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. I invite you to join my campaign by volunteering, by donating and telling your friends and family to visit my website. We are in this together and together we shall prevail.

    To Victory,


    Tom Wesley

    Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-2)

    P.S. I will be speaking tomorrow to the “MAYDAY: Welcome to the Future” event sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Tea Party. This event will take place behind the Douglas Fire Department (Rte. 146/Rte. 16) from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Contact Tim Bonin for more information.

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