Public Employee Union Outrage of the Day

An extortionist is someone who “gets money from another by using force or threats”.…  In most places, that’s the province of the underworld.  In Massachusetts, it’s the role of the overworld, specifically, the police.

The Globe today has a story concerning a civilian flagger that was threatened by a cop at a construction site.…

Lynn Williams, a construction worker in a yellow vest, was standing in the middle of a South Boston intersection, holding a sign warning drivers to slow down, when police showed up and ordered her to stop, she said.

“They threatened to arrest me,” she said. “Wasn’t that nice of them?”

Within moments, according to the state’s top highway official, a project supervisor had pulled Williams away from assisting traffic to “deescalate the situation.” Police deny that they threatened to arrest her, but by the next morning, the civilian flagger had been replaced by a uniformed officer.

Numerous additional instances of the police using the force of guns and arrest on civilian flaggers.  Disgusting.

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