Psuedo-Con Tim Cahill’s plan? Balance state budget on backs of cities and towns.

Tim Cahill, pseudo-con candidate for governor, sat down with the Gatehouse Media editorial board yesterday.  You may know Gatehouse as the publishers of the Wicked Local series of town news websites.  During that interview Cahill at first seemed confused about what was in the State budget, then expressed his desire to balance the budget on the backs of the cities and towns of the Commonwealth.

“We would initially have to lay off a certain amount of employees. I can’t say exactly where they are until I get control of the budget,” Cahill said. Pressed for more specifics, Cahill said he would have to examine the personnel numbers in various departments and see where cuts could be made with “the least negative impact.”

“I wouldn’t call for across-the-board layoffs until I know exactly where there are employees that may be not necessary. What departments have grown dramatically since this governor took office or in the last 15 or 20 years? Those analyses – I don’t have access to all of that information right now, and we don’t know what kind of revenues we’ll have in 2011,” said Cahill, who was elected state treasurer in 2002. “You can’t make specific decisions until you know what you’re in there.”

Really Tim for Treasurer?  You are the Chief Financial Officer of the Commonwealth and you don’t know after 8 years where cuts can be made. What exactly is it that you do with your time, beyond figuring out how to shake down people with business before the Treasurer’s office?

Psuedo-con Cahill went on to describe how he would not have stopped funding the Union giveaway that is the Quinn Bill, instead he would have cut local aid.  

Cahill made the distinction that as governor he would look closely at departments’ spending, but make local aid cuts across the board.

He said not funding the Quinn Bill was not a good idea, and that he would have cut local aid instead. “If I had to make a $50 million cut, I would have made a $50 million local aid cut, so that would be spread over 351 cities and towns,” he said.

I’m sorry but pseudo-con Cahill just isn’t ready for prime time.  

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