Pseudo-Con Cahill: I’m not passing myself off as a reformer or good government guy

Yesterday pseudo-con candidate for Governor, Tim Cahill, let the unvarnished truth slip out. Contrary to the image he’s been trying to play of a latter day reformer and conservative Cahill admitted when pressed by Howie that:

Howie, I want to make it clear, though, I’m not passing myself off as a reformer or as a good government guy.  I passing myself off myself off as someone who can get things done.

Pseudo-con Cahill certainly got things done at the Treasurer’s office.  Crony contract rewarding, million dollar office renovations, and bonuses for underperformance.  

Later on in the interview he tries to take credit for taking away the pension of two former Speakers of the House.  Yes when one is convicted of a crime their pension goes away by law.  That was real leadership there Pseudo-con.

Pseudo-con Cahill’s shocking admission can be heard at the 8:13 mark in the audio below.




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