Pres. Obama’s Governing Philosophy

Many have speculated that President Obama followed the Saul Alinsky playbook(Rules for Radicals) on his road to the presidency and is indeed still employing the same tactics to push his agenda through Congress against the will of the American people. Others are convinced that he is simply enacting the policies that George McGovern wanted so badly for this nation, but was unable to realize due to his 49 state landslide loss in 1972. Still others are convinced that his 20 year affiliation with the anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright means that he hates this country and is doing everything in his power to ensure its downfall. While these theories have some merit, I maintain he’s a doctrinaire progressive who adopted the lyrics of a sitcom theme song as his political mantra.

For starters, it’s the only way I can explain his selection of Joe Biden as his running mate. Vice President Biden makes the ideal Laverne to the president’s Shirley. Try not to think of Speaker Pelosi when you see Squiggy or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when Lenny speaks. I have to admit that the president’s “Big Ragu” stumps me a bit. Is it Andy Stern, or George Soros? Maybe it’s Rahm? I believe I read somewhere that he studied ballet before he found his true calling in naked shower shouting matches.

This administration and its allies in Congress have been all about breaking rules and making progressive dreams come true since January 2009:

The government takeover of GM and Chrysler saw what Michael Barone classified as “gangster government” when the until then legally binding contracts of bondholders were cast aside and the UAW was handed large shares of the companies they helped bankrupt in the first place.

When the election of Senator Scott Brown(R-MA) threatened the federal takeover of healthcare they used the tactic of “Reconciliation” to avoid the until then institutionally sacred filibuster and pass legislation that affects every American.

The Dems even contemplated using the Slaughter Solution to simply deem the takeover of health care without actually voting for it. Thankfully, that insult to democracy proved to be a bridge too far, even for Nancy Pelosi.

In an attempt to demonize opponents of their policies, they accused their fellow citizens of using the toxic N-word. When belatedly asked for evidence to back up their claims they suddenly want to move on for the good of the country.Since Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) wasn’t able to get anyone on tape shouting a racist word or holding a racist sign they have decided to infiltrate the Tea Party movement to manufacture “racism” for their minions on the left to use smearing the American people who believe that government is out of control and this president and this Congress need to be reined in.

What has a Democratic president and democratic majorities in both houses of Congress meant for the average American? Try:

* Washington will spend $31,406 per household in 2010 – the highest level in

American history (adjusted for inflation). It will collect $18,276 per

household in taxes. The remaining $13,130 represents this year’s staggering

budget deficit per household, which, along with all prior government debt,

will be dumped in the laps of our children.

* Government spending has increased by $5,000 per household since 2008, and

nearly $10,000 per household over the past decade.

Yet there is no free lunch: If spending is not reined in, then eventually

taxes must also rise by $10,000 per household.

Both CBO head Elmendorf and Fed Chairman Bernanke say the trillion dollar plus deficits in perpetuity that President Obama with a Democratic Congress are wracking up are “unsustainable”.

I hope the American people remember that word, “unsustainable” in November.

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