No one should be fired

(Starting a new thread to not add to the fire of the old one.)

The Way, the Weather, the Terrain, the Leadership and the Discipline are the five things you need in order to have any victory. I do applaud those of you who are concerned about the Leadership so much. But it is only one of five factors.

With all due respect to everyones’ opinions, no one should be fired.

Steele and Nassour are not sleeper agents for the Democrats, and they were elected for a term, let them serve.

Regardless of how you think they are doing, we elected them; we have a Party structure for order. Chaos is not a viable alternative.

That said, neither are perfect. There is room for improvement, and they should not be given the sole credit for any recent victories. We should hold them to a standard we want to see as they represent us as our leadrs. Further, the climate in the State and nation is such that they will have more opportunities than their predecessors.

Again, not due to any mojo they have, but no one can hold that against them either.

After all, no one is ever fairly judged on their abilities. We are most often judged by the opportunities we get by chance more so than our knowledge and abilities.

But we can have an honest discussion about that AFTER November.

Right now, we should focus on the candidates.  

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