My letter in the Globe: Mass experience refutes claim that health insurance mandate lowers costs

Friends – my letter appears in today’s Boston Globe:

Contain costs of health premiums

April 26, 2010

THE ASSOCIATED Press story on “4 million may face fine under health law” (Page A8, April 23) regarding the coming national health insurance mandate states that Democrats in Washington who support the mandate “point out that getting young, healthy Americans in the insurance pool will reduce costs for others.”

As someone who was on the staff of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority from 2006 to 2010, I know this statement is not supported by the evidence here in Massachusetts, where an individual mandate has been in effect since 2007. Despite impressive gains in insurance coverage across all segments of the population, including the young and healthy, we continue to experience extraordinary annual increases in health premiums.

It’s concerning that national reform supporters in Washington are employing a talking point that the Massachusetts experience – on which national reform is closely modeled – so soundly refutes.

There are many good things to be said about Massachusetts’ pioneering health reform effort as it enters its fifth year of implementation, but it has not contained premium costs. The Legislature should step up and fine-tune it accordingly.



The writer is a Republican candidate for state Senate in the Third Middlesex District.

Link to letter online is here:

Contain costs of health premiums…

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