Michelle Obama: ‘Barack’s home country in Kenya’.

Digging up the whole birther thing one more time….

Michelle Obama giving a speech about AIDS and how she and Barack took an AIDS test when they had visited “his home country in Kenya“.  Those are not my words, but Michelle Obama’s words about her own husband.  

Now, just as a point of reference, I am of Irish descent, but never have I called Ireland my ‘home country’.  Yet, Barack Obama, who was born in Hawaii feels as though his home country is Kenya.  Odd?

Wikipedia defines ‘home country’ as “the country where a person was born and usually raised”.  But then again, how would Barack and Michelle Obama know anything about the law and legal definitions of things?  After all. they are only Lawyers, politicians, President, ordinary folks just like you and me!

So Barack Obama’s own wife is videotaped calling Kenya her husband’s home country, yet we are crazy for questioning where he was born.  When is he gonna show us his copy of the birth certificate anyway?  

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  • MerrimackMan

    Crazy Birther you!!

  • as proof.  Yet another rock in the ocean of sheepledome.

  • I saw this video today too. Slip of the tounge perhaps?

  • BrocktonDave

    If they get more birther protests, then they can further marginalize the reasonable Republicans.

    CNN and MSLSD will show protests about our “African” president, and say we’re crazy.

    It’s just a game.  They don’t say anything that isn’t highly thought out and measured.

  • nomad943

    Michelle’s choice of wording is very telling. If we “birthers” are again painted into the corner by wanting to see an actual birth certificate than it can only be for the other possible reason for such wording by Michelle… that Obama’s ALLEGIANCE lies with Kenya.

  • Your white sheet is full of  your shit. The smell of your feces permeates this website. Go crawl back under your rock.

  • Bond sense is kicking in….I smell another rare banning of another 2y.o.